Thursday, July 4, 2019

Visit to the Hamilton Museum

Thank you to all the wonderful parent helpers who braved the cold and rain to support our trip.   
We had a very enjoyable Museum experience.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Weaving for the Art Exhibition

Learning to Weave has taught us to be patient and persistent!  If at first you don't succeed 
then unpick
your work and try again!


Come and see our finished product in 
Term 3 at the Art Exhibition!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ronnie the Carver

We are all feeling very inspired after watching Ronnie carve his beautiful designs in Room 6.  Some of us have decided we would like to learn how to carve when we are older.

We watched Ronnie set up the carving room with tools and equipment.  He explained how he loves carving and the quiet peacefulness of the craft make him feel refreshed.  His tools are very sharp and he needs to be very careful using them.  He has a range of chisels and mallets of different sizes.  

Ronnie has been carving for over thirty years.  He is also a talented artist and his carving pieces are all self-drawn and etched into the wood first.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Measuring Kumara

Our Kumara tubers were finally ready for harvesting. 
Although our Summer lacked rain, we hoped the tubers would be big and plump!

What a good opportunity to practice our measuring skills.
 I wonder how long and how wide the tubers will be?

Monday, April 1, 2019

River Walk

We had a lovely morning walking along the Waikato River.  
We had a close look at the old Paddle steamer The Rangiriri.  

We sat and sketched the  outline of the boat.  There is not much left intact as it sat on the bottom of sand bank for 90 years!  Parts of the Paddle steamer have rusted and broken off.


The Old Paddle Steamer  Rangiriri

We have been learning all about the insects and birds that live along the river.  
We were hoping to see Kingfishers and Fantails and big dragonfly insects!


The kingfisher eats fish and snails and lizards.  They are colourful. They are purple and yellow and blue.

The dragonfly is flying to the river to go  home and catch mosquitoes before the other dragonflies eat them all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Legend of the Waikato River and the Servant Dog

There is a creation legend about the Waikato River
 In this story there is a servant who happens to have a very helpful dog.  The dog cuts a pathway through the land.  He makes way for the healing waters of Tongariro to flow through to a very sick Taupiri and thus creating the pathway of the mighty Waikato


Together with our partner we illustrated this legend 
 using oil pastels and black paint

An Ancient Legend about the creation of the Waikato River 

 ( Courtesy of Mesh Hamilton )

The legend began with siblings Tongariro and Taupiri mountains living side-by-side until marriage took Taupiri away to her new home near Ngaruawahia where, upon her arrival, she soon became ill. Taupiri believed that only the waters of her homeland could heal her so she sent a message to ask Tongariro to deliver her its healing waters. 
Tongariro sent his faithful servant, in the form of a dog, to cut a pathway for the waters of Tongariro to reach Taupiri. It is said that the river widens and slows at Taupiri, so that she can still draw healing from its waters. The river became known as Waikato te Awa and its waters continue to provide life and prosperity to those who live amongst it today.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Swimming Lessons

We have been enjoying the pool with all this warm weather about. 

Room 14 had a fun and challenging lesson using lifejackets to float in the water.