Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Maungatauatri was great! We all wrote a 'report' on our visit.

At Maungatautari I sat on the bench. The bird frightened me It flew over my head. He went really fast. 

At Maungatautari the kaka had a nut. The kaka had a sharp beak and a strong beak. It broke the nut. He held it with his claw. 

Maungatautari had a kaka. The man fed the kaka. It was a lovely nature. There were helpers. We had morning tea. We also had lunch. 

At Maungatautari I was scared when I heard the guy say that the eagle liked to eat ducklings and baby takahe. 

At Maungatautari I saw a tui. It was in the tree. The man gave the birds peanuts. It bit the man’s fingers. He gave more to the bird. 

At Maungatautari I saw the tuatara. It was staying still in the bush. It was very still in the bush. 

At Maungatautari I saw a tuatara asleep in the day. Their egg was in the nest. 

The kaka had a sharp beak and a strong beak. It broke the nut. He held it with his claw.

I did go to the top of the mountain. I did look up becase the kaka was swooshing over me. It was a bit scary.
The takahe likes some grass. I think the takahe has some eggs. The takahe is cute. 

At Maungatautari I saw a tuatara. It was big. The kaka is very cute. It was singing songs that are cute to. They fly too. Do they eat peanuts? 

At Maungatautari I saw a nest up the top of the tree. I saw a tuatara. It was asleep. Heidi I am watching the kaka eating the peanut. 

At Maungatautari I saw some birds. They were singing a song. It was fun seeing the birds with Ruby-Mei and Ruby-Mei’s grandma. 

At Maungatautari I thought that the kaka was fun. 

Te Awatea 
At Maungatautari I liked the tuatara and I liked the kaka. The tuatara was staying still. The tuatara was in the bush . 

I was so scared because I was scared of the kaka. He was flying over me. The food fell by me and the kaka took the food. The name of the place is Maungatautari.

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