Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Kowhai Team Newsletter

Kowhai Team Newsletter, February 2016.

Kia ora and welcome.
My name is Maggie Frost, the children call me Whaea Maggie and I look forward to getting to know your child this year.

The first two weeks of the year are spent getting to know each other, developing class routines and expectations. In this time stationery needs to be purchased and organised. Book bags and reading books will come home once this process is completed.
Swimming begins immediately as we have only a short window of warm weather in which to swim and it is compulsory. Kowhai children swim each day. Please send named togs and towel in a plastic bag. Togs can stay at school if this suits you.
Sunhats are compulsory and are purchased with stationery.  You can collect your child’s from their room and take home for a wash if needed.
School Lunches Lunch eating is supervised to ensure all children do eat. Hamilton East School is part of Project Energize and supports healthy food choices. Suitable lunches consist of sandwiches, fruit and other healthy snack food. If your child is used to eating rice or other prepared food then send this along in a container.  Packaged sugary snacks and chips are discouraged and sugary drinks are not permitted.   We also respectfully ask parents not to send yogurt to school. Although a healthy food it is so easily spilled and has ruined many books and book bags. Please save for an after school snack.
As an Enviro school we encourage the use of lunch paper and reusable containers rather than plastic wrap. Children are encouraged to drink water and can access their water bottle in the classroom at any time.
Home Readers After teachers have established students reading levels and stationery is organised, book bags will begin to come home.  They will contain a reading book or reading activity to be shared at home with parents. This reading time should be short (10 mins) and enjoyable. If your child is unable to read the material then read it with them.
Home books will begin to come home on Fridays in place of a reading book. They are a reading resource of poems and stories your child has written.
Book bags need to come to school each day and Home books returned on Mondays.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to meeting everyone at the Family Picnic and Goal Setting Conferences later in the term.
Keep in touch with what is happening in your child’s class by visiting the class blog via the school website

Maggie Frost
Kowhai Team, Hamilton East School

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