Thursday, November 24, 2016

Animals and Habitats

Easy Blog Photo
At the zoo we saw a peacock.
The peacock was walking around the zoo. 
It had beautiful patterns on the feathers .
The feathers were colourful, like a rainbow.
The peacock had a pointy beak. 
The peacock lives in the rain forest.


  1. Wow how fun it must have been fun at the zoo.I hope you guys had fun,maybe you guys could see more animals some time.Room 9 phoenix

  2. WOW you had a trip to the zoo!!! I am jealous. The peacock. From Isla.

  3. You guys went to the zoo! Lucky! We didin't go to the zoo. Hope you had fun! from Zari rm 10

  4. wow when did you go to the zoo?!!!! "Did you really see the peacock with its tail open"?
    From Isla rm 10.