Friday, May 25, 2018

The Moon

We have been watching some science videos to learn more about the moon. 
We saw the astronauts that were the first to land on the moon.
We learned about the phases of the moon. 
We made the phases of the moon with playdough.

These are some of our ideas about the moon - 
Riley wrote - 
The moon changes shape because sometimes the earth is in the way of the sunlight.
Reefton wrote -
I went to the moon. It was quiet. I saw rocks.
Mahir wrote
The moon has no gravity or food and water because there is no air.
One day I want to go to the moon.
When I was little, like five years old, I still remember one thing about the moon.
There is sand and we can build sandcastles.
I have made a sandcastle.
There is a rocket on the moon.

We made moonscapes by painting on black paper then we made craters by printing with different sized circles.

We used the playdough to make a moonscape. We added some sand and some flour, then we dropped a rock on it to make craters. We have been making moon buggies with the lego and the mobilo.

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