Friday, June 1, 2018

The Sun and the stars.

We found out more about stars this week. There are stars of different sizes and colours. 
The sun is a star. 
Red stars are the smallest. The white and yellow stars are hotter than the red stars. The biggest and the hottest are the blue stars.
We made star patterns with paint, glitter and cotton buds.

Louie wrote - 
Sometimes, on clear nights, you can see stars. They may look little but they are huge.
Have you seen a star?
Jayden wrote
The sun is a really hot star. It is our sun. It has lava and fire. 
It is so hot. Why is it hot?
Bella-Rose wrote - 
The stars are hot like the sun. The sun is made of gas.
Nike wrote
Last night I saw the stars. The sky was black. The stars were white. They were made out of gas.

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